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I love the 80's

Name: Vanessa<3
Age: 15
Location: Windsor, Ontario
Sign: Libra
Color: Skin: white, favourite: pink/black
Style: hardXcore me
Stores: Value Village, Bluenotes, and of course, the f'ing dollarstore
Music: oh em gee, ever so much. Guns & Roses, Duran Duran, Pink Floyd, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, just to name a few

3 Favorite 80's...
Movies: Pretty In Pink, Ferris bueller's day off<3, the breakfast club<33 footloose
Tv Shows: Cheers, Alf
Toys: Candy land, care bears<3
Actors/ Actresses: Molly ringwald, matthew broderick, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe
Games: Not sure
Video Games: Ms pac man
Singers/Bands: See music
Cars: not sure
Hair Dos: Big hair is teh sex<3
Accessories: bracelets, like, all of them
Make-up accessories: eyeliner, red lipstick
Sports: not sure
Clothing Brand: not sure
Stores: not sure

What makes you like 80's the most? all the boiys with amazing voices and pretty selves
Why are you an 80's fan? because everything was so much better back then
What do you think about: The Brat-Pack? Big Hair? Aids? Brat pack: rocked my socks. have all the movies<3    Big hair: totally teh sex plus four  Aids: its even bigger now..


thanx eversomuch for letting me join<3


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Name: Alli
Age: 20
Location: Louisiana
Sign: Libra
Color: Purple
Style: dont know
Stores: dont know
Music: 60s 70s and 80s

3 Favorite 80's...

Movies: pretty in pink ((i the scene when ducky comes in the record store and lipsings and dances...oh god...he drives me nuts)) better off dead ((john cusack...yummy))and uhhmm...nightmare on elm street...the wall...gremlins...the goonies...hellraiser...all the horror movies were great...there are so many good ones i cant pick just 3...

Tv Shows:...archie bunker...growning pains...unsolved mysteries...wasnt that 80s...lol...i dunno...

Toys: easy bake oven!...aerobics barbie...lol...and cherry merry muffins dolls...

Actors/ Actresses: the brat pack!...mel gibson...john cusack...and john cryer...

Games:...candy land...

Video Games: donkey kong and X men...thats all i remember playing...

Singers/Bands: bon jovi...duran duran...and cyndi lauper...

Cars: dont know

Hair Dos: big hair...and thse stupid head bands...

Accessories: jellies!! i still own a pair...they melted when i went to the hoover dam...LOL

Make-up accessories: bright eyeshadow...lots of pink lipstick...

Sports: ive always hated sports...

Clothing Brand: dunno

Stores: i dunno...

What makes you like 80's the most? the music and the brat pack

Why are you an 80's fan? the movies were all funny and lovie...and the music is fun...

What do you think about: The Brat-Pack? Big Hair? Aids? i love the brat pack...and i hated the big hair...epecially on guys...
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Name: Nicole
Age: 18-almost-19
Location: Texas
Sign: Leo
Color: Denim
Style: comfortable/cute
Stores: Barnes & Noble, Northern Sun, pretty much anywhere at the mall
Music: nearly everything except rap, but primarily 80's rock

3 Favorite 80's...
Movies: Amadeus, Dirty Dancing, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (if we could list four, the Star Wars trilogy would be next, don't worry)
Tv Shows: M*A*S*H, A-Team, Night Court
Toys: Candy Land, Fraggles, Sea Monkeys
Actors/ Actresses: Harrison Ford, Alan Alda, Meryl Streep
Games: hmm...I didn't really play with many
Video Games: Frogger, Ms PacMan, Tetris
Singers/Bands: Boy George, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith
Cars: Corvette, DeLorian (Back to the Future!), eh... Mustang
Hair Dos: mullet, the Molly Ringwald look, anything with banana clips
Accessories: those thick bracelets, and all those fun plastic things
Make-up accessories: don't do make-up, so I couldn't tell you
Sports: Football, Baseball, and Basketball
Clothing Brand: Ocean Pacific, Puma, Adidas
Stores: no earthly idea

What makes you like 80's the most?: Mostly the music, but the movies were really good, too.
Why are you an 80's fan?: Because the 80's were just plain *fun*!
What do you think about: The Brat-Pack? Big Hair? Aids? The Brat-Pack was fun while they lasted, big hair is kind of scary, and AIDS is a horrible illness.
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hi everyone....lol...um..i guess ill post the aplication...:)

Style:kooky, casual
Stores:charlotte russe, vintage places, anywhere
Music:80s (duh!)

3 Favorite 80's...
Movies:Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Star Wars
Toys:cabbage patch....*thinking*
Actors/ Actresses:Dustin Hoffman, Molly Ringwald..
Singers/Bands:Michael Jackson, Madonna, Aerosmith
Hair Dos:madonna'a do, all curly...
Accessories:leg warmers, those hot bracelets
Make-up accessories:all the kooky colors!
Sports:Football, figure skating,basketball

What makes you like 80's the most? the music, pop culture, the clothes
Why are you an 80's fan? because i love the music & what life was like then

well im not totally educated about teh 80s (lol) but im a loyal fan of it! the 80s r my life.....i was so meant 2 live then....grrrrrrrr @ my parents

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